Bursa Stock Market Fantasy Challenge - (SMFC)

Bursa Stock Market Fantasy Challenge is a base on bursa quoted stock game that allows players to trade as though they are trading in real stock market.
This game allows players to sharpen their trading skills & trying different strategies.
Game will be reset every 6 months ... Read more

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Stock Watch Column

OPCOM - new sitcom soon
By Kim
July 31, 2014, 10:09:49 AM
Oldman told to watch and dont miss it.

My TP : RM1.00 cts

They making new sitcom in theatre.. Good luck!

Buy with ur...
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Bursa Stock Market Fantasy Challenge

SMFC C#9 Results (2nd Half 2015)
No.NameProfit Gain %Top up
1 Ilango 2978.459.5% 15,000
2  basikalus  2521.9250.4% 10,000
3 cdpp76 7825.221.7% 7,500
4 gccy11 1038.6820.8% 5,000
5 stokisi 963.0519.3% 3,000
Stock Market Fantasy Challenge # 8

SMFC # 10
Begin From 1st Jul 2015 to 31st Dec 2015

Game will be reset every 6 months

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Stock Market Fantasy Challenge : 10 Recent Sold Stock [ Join Now ]
GAB...18.920...1 Lots...1881.43   PETRONM...11.660...1 Lots...1155.65   PALETTE...0.390...50 Lots...1939.41   HUBLINE...0.170...10 Lots...160.95   TEBRAU...1.420...6 Lots...842.74   SKPRES...1.720...10 Lots...1709.48   SKPRES...1.720...8 Lots...1365.59   SCOMNET...0.310...50 Lots...1539.53   PUC...0.160...100 Lots...1589.52   SCOMNET...0.295...100 Lots...2938.11   
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Stock Screener System Auto Pick Date : 2017-12-13
No.StocknameOpenCloseVolumeMACDSignal%K Slow%DUpper BandLower Band * BBWTech Info
1TRIVE0.0500.0551100305-0.01907-0.0210011.11 6.880.0890.0340.885
2PTRANS0.2800.29085283-0.00618-0.0064716.67 6.940.3050.2700.123
3DAYANG0.6150.61029601-0.05403-0.0615118.52 12.420.6770.5790.155
4EG0.6700.68014562-0.01251-0.0135816.67 12.040.7070.6480.088
5PETGAS16.18016.06010825-0.41412-0.4430817.75 14.7517.18915.5970.097
6NICORP0.0550.0604800-0.00220-0.0026916.67 5.560.0620.0520.174
7BENALEC0.3700.3752970-0.00957-0.0096311.11 7.410.4050.3630.110
8GENTINGC420.0050.0102803-0.01024-0.0113111.11 5.560.0320.0011.902
9GESHEN1.6801.7301856-0.15877-0.1647418.28 15.662.1191.5040.339
10HUAYANG0.6100.6101179-0.03957-0.0438513.93 12.810.7060.5630.226
11OPCOM0.3950.4051039-0.03588-0.0378813.49 9.340.5360.3250.491
12FLBHD1.2301.260343-0.06245-0.0625216.86 10.791.4991.1370.275


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