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Bursa Stock Market Fantasy Challenge is a base on bursa quoted stock game that allows players to trade as though they are trading in real stock market.
This game allows players to sharpen their trading skills & trying different strategies.
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OPCOM - new sitcom soon
By Kim
July 31, 2014, 10:09:49 AM
Oldman told to watch and dont miss it.

My TP : RM1.00 cts

They making new sitcom in theatre.. Good luck!

Buy with ur...
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Bursa Stock Market Fantasy Challenge

SMFC C#9 Results (2nd Half 2015)
No.NameProfit Gain %Top up
1 Ilango 2978.459.5% 15,000
2  basikalus  2521.9250.4% 10,000
3 cdpp76 7825.221.7% 7,500
4 gccy11 1038.6820.8% 5,000
5 stokisi 963.0519.3% 3,000
Stock Market Fantasy Challenge # 8

SMFC # 10
Begin From 1st Jul 2015 to 31st Dec 2015

Game will be reset every 6 months

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Stock Screener System Auto Pick Date : 2018-02-23
No.StocknameOpenCloseVolumeMACDSignal%K Slow%DUpper BandLower Band * BBWTech Info
1SAPNRGC580.0800.08084082-0.01728-0.0176617.78 15.980.1410.0540.893
2SAPNRGC590.0850.08510000-0.01614-0.0168316.25 16.120.1440.0570.869
3ALAQAR1.3001.3106580-0.02198-0.0221511.11 7.411.3721.2740.074
4MUDAJYA0.8750.8902918-0.01354-0.0139114.88 13.060.9730.8270.162
5AEON1.5501.5402008-0.03744-0.0376415.51 13.861.6631.5310.083
6IJMPLNT2.3002.300831-0.08307-0.0926911.71 10.772.4922.2240.114

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Chit-Chat / Re: Kursus FCPO / Dagangan Hadapan Kelapa Sawit (RM69!) - www.FCPO.co.nr
« Last post by anissophea on February 07, 2018, 09:19:27 AM »

Kuasai IQ Wang Orang Kaya (Bongkar Rahsia Bagaimana Orang Kaya Berfikir Tentang Duit
 - RM35


Apa yang anda bakal perolehi daripada buku ini?

    Bagaimana orang kaya mengajar anaknya mengenai wang yang tidak diajar di sekolah.
    Memahami bagaimana orang kaya menjana pendapatan tanpa perlu bekerja lagi.
    Memahami 3 golongan manusia yang membentuk kasta ekonomi kewangan.
    Membuka minda anda untuk memilih berkerjaya makan gaji, berniaga, menjadi pelabur yang menjana pendapatan tanpa had atau ketiga-tiga sekali.
    Pelajari amalan amalan yang boleh menjadikan rezeki melimpah ruah.
    Mengira kira nilai bersih kekayaan anda wang dan harta.
    Merangka pelan kewangan, pelaburan dan perniagaan.
    Periksa diri jika anda berada di atas landasan yang betul.
    Menilai prinsip a anda tentang bijak urus wang.
    Memahami konsep aliran tunai, aset dan liabiliti.
    Memahami konsep pendapatan pasif dan aktif.
    Memahami konsep pelabur pasif dan aktif.
    Membongkari rahsia bagaimana orang kaya menjadi kaya raya.

Pernah berkhidmat sebagai pekerja kerajaan dan sekarang merupakan pesara. Kini beliau bersama isterinya merupakan seorang pengusaha Taska Tadika. Beliau terlibat sepenuh masa dalam bidang hartanah apabila bersara pilihan dalam perkhidmatan TNB dalam tahun 2003. Kini, beliau merupakan seorang mentor hartanah, penceramah bebas di dalam membina pengetahuan dalam bidang kewangan, IQ WANG.

Berminat untuk beli ?

KLIK DISINI UNTUK BELI >> http://www.mudah2u.co.vu/2017/09/kuasai-iq-wang-orang-kaya-bongkar.html


Stock Screener Corner / wahsei apps
« Last post by jazmie on January 28, 2018, 12:20:36 PM »
this screener got apps?
start fly
Recommendation & Discussion / wahsei apps
« Last post by jazmie on January 28, 2018, 12:09:16 PM »
ist this wahsei apps screener got android apps?
Funny Munnee: Laugh to get rich - RM40


Perhaps you are tired of all those thick and lengthy personal finance books. Or they no longer interest you. There's a funny way, the better way, the thought-provocative way to deliver financial-related and business-related messages to you. Here it is: the birth of Funny Munnee. He is perhaps a financial idiot who thinks he is a genius. He sometimes does stupid things with his money. Through his mistakes, you are sure to pick up a tip or two, here and there. You'll love Munnee no matter you enjoy reading or not. Must read for everyone who wants to understand the financial world and cares about his or her financial future.

Berminat untuk beli ?

KLIK DISINI UNTUK BELI >> http://www.mudah2u.co.vu/2018/01/funny-munnee-laugh-to-get-rich-rm40.html


Officials of the European Union banks reduced the speed of the currency in this week to raise concerns, because on Thursday the euro dropped due to a three-year high decline.

   The decline of the euro helped stabilize the greenback, which has come under pressure as central banks of other major economies, start moving towards a tight monetary policy between a more synchronized global recovery.

    Euro was at $ 1.2197, which is 0.1 percent higher in the day, but below the highest level of $ 1.2323 on Wednesday, the strongest level of Euro since December 2014.

    Normal currency declined on Wednesday because ECB policy director Ewald Noauti told reporters that the recent strength of the euro "is not useful" compared to the dollar, which encourages earning profits before the policy meeting next week.

   In an interview with the ECB vice president, an Italian newspaper, Witter Constancio, said that he did not say that monetary policy would still be "getting longer"

   LGT Bank's investment strategist Roy T.O. in Singapore said that it was only natural for the ECB officials due to the euro rising due to the above breaking of EUR 1.20 over the euro.

    Before the ECB's policy meeting next week, the Euros may have some beneficial and solidarity, but TO said, although the approach of currency looks positive than in 2018.

   "We are looking at the risk going towards $ 1.30 by the end of this year ... It is amazing that development in the euro area is really similar if the US does not come out"

    Greenback achieved some relief against other key partners. Against the yen, the dollar remained steady at 111.27 yen, due to the minimum four months of Wednesday being bounced from 110.19 yen.

   C $ 1.2462, which was Bank of Canada raised interest rates and indicated confidence in economic outlook, declined 0.2 percent compared to the Canadian dollar, but a vigilant tone appeared on the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

    On Wednesday, the Canadian dollar had fluctuations in the relatively broad range of C $ 1.2540 to C $ 1.2362.

    Later on Thursday, investors will focus on China's fourth quarter and 2017 GDP and December factory production, retail sales and fixed asset investment.

    The reasons for the Chinese economic indicators to be released in 0700 GMT instead of the normal 0200 GMT.
News Around World / Palm slumps to 3-week low on firm ringgit, weak demand
« Last post by LAYLA on January 17, 2018, 08:41:17 PM »
KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 17): Malaysian palm oil futures slumped to a three-week low on Wednesday evening, as a firmer ringgit and weak demand weighed on the market.

The benchmark palm oil contract for April delivery on the Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Exchange was down 1.2% at 2,487 ringgit (US$629.30) a tonne at the close of trade, a second straight session of decline.

Earlier in the session, it dropped as much as 1.9% to 2,471 ringgit, the weakest since Dec 26.

Trading volumes stood at 52,062 lots of 25 tonnes each at the end of the trading day.

"The market is down on lack of demand, causing stocks to remain high," said a trader from Kuala Lumpur. "The stronger ringgit has also impacted demand, putting us at uncompetitive levels again."

Gains in the ringgit, palm oil's traded currency, typically make the vegetable oil more expensive for holders of foreign currencies.

The ringgit hit a fresh 18-month high on Wednesday morning at 3.9410 per dollar, and was last up 0.1% at 3.9520.

Palm oil inventories in Malaysia rose to a more than two-year high of 2.7 million tonnes at end-December, up 7% on the month, as demand remained weak.

Shipments from Malaysia declined in the first half of January from a month earlier, cargo surveyor data showed.

Intertek Testing services reported a 7.4% drop, while Societe Generale de Surveillance showed a 2.8% fall.

Another trader said the market is also expected to be cautious, ahead of a European Union vote to curb palm oil imports.

Europe is Malaysia's second-largest export market, but the European Parliament backed a call last April for greater vetting of palm and other vegetable oils used in biofuels in an effort to prevent the EU's post-2020 renewable transport targets from leading to deforestation.

A large portion of Europe's palm oil imports is used to make biofuels. The EU Parliament is set to vote on the proposal on Wednesday.

Continued appreciation in the ringgit and listless competing vegetable oils may also weigh on the market and hamper any recovery, he said.

In other related edible oils, the March soybean oil contract on the Chicago Board of Trade fell 0.3%, while the May soybean oil on the Dalian Commodity Exchange was down 0.5%.

The Dalian May palm oil contract declined 1.3%.

Palm oil tracks the performance of other edible oils, as they compete for a share in the global vegetable oils market.

Palm oil may stabilise around a support at 2,491 ringgit per tonne, and then bounce towards a resistance at 2,555 ringgit, said Wang Tao, a Reuters market analyst for commodities and energy technicals.
 Palm, soy and crude oil prices as of 1045 GMT

 Contract          Month    Last  Change     Low   High   Volume
 MY PALM OIL       FEB8     2477  -26.00    2467   2493      223
 MY PALM OIL       MAR8     2483  -31.00    2470   2511     4093
 MY PALM OIL       APR8     2485  -31.00    2471   2514    25084
 CHINA PALM OLEIN  MAY8     5182  -54.00    5174   5240   310328
 CHINA SOYOIL      MAY8     5708  -30.00    5692   5764   317692
 CBOT SOY OIL      MAR8     32.7   -0.09   32.61  32.83     6816
 INDIA PALM OIL    JAN8   553.70   -4.00  551.30    556      616
 INDIA SOYOIL      JAN8    738.8   -3.30  738.55  740.5     2340
 NYMEX CRUDE       FEB8    63.39   -0.34   63.31  63.96    80260

 Palm oil prices in Malaysian ringgit per tonne
 CBOT soy oil in U.S. cents per pound
 Dalian soy oil and RBD palm olein in Chinese yuan per tonne
 India soy oil in Indian rupee per 10 kg
 Crude in U.S. dollars per barrel
(US$1 = 3.9520 ringgit)
(US$1 = 63.8600 Indian rupees)
(US$1 = 6.4338 Chinese yuan)
News Around World / A year after Trump, Davos elite fear cyberattacks and war
« Last post by LAYLA on January 17, 2018, 08:38:47 PM »
(Jan 17): The threat of large-scale cyberattacks and a “deteriorating geopolitical landscape” since the election of US President Donald Trump have jumped to the top of the global elite’s list of concerns, the World Economic Forum said ahead of its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

The growing cyber-dependency of governments and companies, and the associated risks of hacking by criminals or hostile states, has replaced social polarization as a main threat to stability over the next decade, according to the WEF’s yearly assessment of global risks, published Wednesday at Bloomberg LP’s new European headquarters in London. The Davos forum starts Jan 23 in the Swiss ski resort.

While the economic outlook has improved, nine in 10 of those surveyed said they expect political or trade clashes between major powers to worsen. Some 80 percent saw an increased chance of war.

“Cybersecurity is the issue most on the minds of boards and executives, given the visibility of state-sponsored attacks in an environment of increasing geopolitical friction,” John Drzik, president of global risk at Marsh USA Inc., which contributed to the study, said in an interview. “Businesses are increasingly dependent on technology and are aware that the openings hackers have are growing. As they invest in things like artificial intelligence, they are widening their attack surface.”

Davos doom-mongers

Drzik said recent high-profile security breaches that have fuelled this perception include the WannaCry ransomware attack, which infected more than 300,000 computers across 150 countries, and NotPetya, which caused two companies losses in excess of US$300 million. The cost of cyber-crime to firms over the next five years could reach US$8 trillion, the WEF said.

Similarly, thousands of attacks every month on critical infrastructure from European aviation systems to US nuclear power stations show state-sponsored hackers are attempting to “trigger a breakdown in the systems that keep societies functioning,” the WEF said.

In the preview, which would suggest Davos attendees are in for one of the bleaker forums in recent memory, almost two-thirds of global leaders saw risks intensifying from 2017. Climate change and extreme weather remained the greatest concerns of those surveyed. Economic worries receded as a unified pickup in growth and stocks at record highs suggest the world may finally be recovering from the financial crisis, a decade on.

Trump visit

Donald Trump’s appearance at the WEF’s annual meeting — the first for a sitting US president since Bill Clinton in 2000 — is sure to dominate proceedings, as well as ruffle feathers. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has said Trump and his advisers will use the event to talk about the President’s “America First” agenda, arguing that an economy that’s good for the US is good for everyone else.

However “America First” is interpreted, Marsh’s Drzik said “unilateral, protectionist policies and nationalism are another key risk” that Davos attendees have identified, and one that clashes with the WEF’s core philosophy.

“To address complex issues like climate change, cyber-warfare and food security requires a multilateral response, but the political direction is going in exactly the opposite way,” Drzik said. “Trump is an example of this, but far from the only one.”

The report singled out the US on trade after Trump pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and sought a renegotiation of the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement. Around the world in 2016, about three-quarters of so-called interventions — such as imposing tariffs, or blocking imports of certain goods to protect domestic jobs — were protectionist in nature, and the trend appears to have continued through last year, the WEF said. The UK’s trade barriers may also increase as it leaves the European Union, it noted.

The Global Risks Perception Survey quizzed 999 business leaders, politicians and academics — of whom 70 percent were male — on 30 potential global risks, ranging from deflation and asset bubbles to natural disasters, terrorist attacks and water crises. They identified trends that could exacerbate those risks, including an aging population and income inequality.

Each year the forum ranks these perceived dangers by impact and likelihood. While weapons of mass destruction retained their place as the most destructive risk, their use was judged the least likely to occur. Extreme weather events and other natural disasters were the next most impactful, and were also rated the most likely to occur. The next most likely: cyberattacks, mass data frauds or thefts, and a failure to slow climate change.

Drone pirates

The report also delineated some more far-fetched dangers, including fleets of AI-controlled pirate drone ships that decimate the ocean’s fish stocks.

Societal polarization — 2017’s headline risk, after the populist wave led to Brexit and Trump’s victory — slipped down the rankings, but remained one of the main destabilizing forces, according to the report. The WEF reiterated that rising income inequality is one of the most important underlying trends determining global events.

The report will provide the backbone for the talks in Davos, whose theme this year is "Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World."

That slogan might clash with some of the realities of the $50,000-a-head event, which takes place in a sealed-off Alpine retreat guarded by thousands of soldiers and police. Famed for lavish, booze-fueled, corporate-sponsored parties with tight guest lists that take place after the official meetings are done for the day, the WEF has drawn criticism over whether it’s an appropriate forum to discuss solutions to society’s biggest problems.

WEF founder Klaus Schwab, in the report’s preface, didn’t address this criticism head-on, but said the forum aims to support change for the better of humanity by encouraging cooperation between governments and the private and charitable sectors. That said, even he struck a pessimistic tone.

"This generation enjoys unprecedented technological, scientific and financial resources,” but is "the first generation to take the world to the brink of a systems breakdown,” Schwab wrote.

Optimists, if there are any left, be warned: the Forum also identified several more tail risks.

> Simultaneous crop failures in the world’s bread-baskets
> Artificial intelligence “weeds” choke the internet
> New waves of populism in mature democracies, and nationalism drives tension around contested borders elsewhere
> Another financial crisis that overwhelms policy responses
> Bio-engineering and cognition-enhancing drugs for the wealthy entrench the gulf between haves and have-nots
> State-on-state conflict escalates unpredictably in the absence of international law addressing cyberwarfare
Chit-Chat / Re: Kelas Forex " Teknik 100 PIPS Sehari ! " & Signal PERCUMA !
« Last post by anissophea on January 17, 2018, 12:20:06 PM »
 Jutawan Dari Rumah (Samad Kinto) - RM30


Siapa pun bolehjadi juatawan asalkan bersedia untuk melaksanakan semua syarat penting menjadi jutawan. Bukan mudah, tetapi tidak mustahil. Begitu juga, menjadi jutawandari rumah memerlukanilmu, cara dan kaedah khusus.
Melalui buku ini, kita boleh mempelajari rahsia penting untuk menjadi jutawan dari rumah yangtelah diamalkan oleh berjuta-juta manusia dari seluruh dunia. Hanya dari rumah sahaja, boleh menjadi jutawan, rahsianya boleh diketahui dari dalam buku ini.

Berminat untuk beli ?

KLIK DISINI UNTUK BELI >> http://www.mudah2u.co.vu/2018/01/jutawan-dari-rumah-samad-kinto-rm30.html

 Jutawan Dari Rumah (Samad Kinto) - RM30


Siapa pun boleh jadi juatawan asalkan bersedia untuk melaksanakan semua syarat penting menjadi jutawan. Bukan mudah, tetapi tidak mustahil. Begitu juga, menjadi jutawandari rumah memerlukanilmu, cara dan kaedah khusus.
Melalui buku ini, kita boleh mempelajari rahsia penting untuk menjadi jutawan dari rumah yangtelah diamalkan oleh berjuta-juta manusia dari seluruh dunia. Hanya dari rumah sahaja, boleh menjadi jutawan, rahsianya boleh diketahui dari dalam buku ini.

Berminat untuk beli ?

KLIK DISINI UNTUK BELI >> http://www.mudah2u.co.vu/2018/01/jutawan-dari-rumah-samad-kinto-rm30.html

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